Friday, October 25, 2013


After having everyone walk around and talk to me about my project, I certainly have a lot of changes that I need to make. My Pharmacy and Bike Shop are the areas that I am having the most difficulties with, but I believe that once I sit down and rethink about my design and make it connect with my concept, then the right design is sure to follow. I was pleased to learn, however, that my design is not endangering any lives and that it meets the code requirements. Jerry spoke to me about changing the whole that is punched through the 1st floor to the basement and make it relate to the stairs so that people know that they are connected. I believe that I will use an oval instead of a circle because Lauren pointed out that the whole was the only full circle and didn't seem to fit within the space and my design. Jo really found something in a display that I proposed for the bike shop, so I think that I will incorporate it throughout my design. All in all, I got great feedback from everyone and it has given me a lot to think about, but I'm sure that I will come up with a better and more thought out design.

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