Friday, October 25, 2013

1st Floor Pin-up

After the midterm critique, I decided to change a lot of the design work that I already did. After talking to the guest speakers, I rearranged the back half of the Pharmacy so that the circulation is on the inside, instead of the outside, and I also changed the displays to resemble the ones in the bike shop, even though they will differ in material. In the bike shop, I mainly changed the displays. But the biggest difference in both places is the ceiling. In the pharmacy, I have lowered ovals that help to define space as well as house light fixtures for illumination. In the bike shop, I incorporated a dropped ceiling design that resembles the spokes of a bike wheel, which relates to the location of bike displays. In the pharmacy, I would like for the materials and displays to be brighter, cleaner, and more white, whereas the bike shop can be darker materials and displays. I believe that my design will be able to be full experienced once I complete my renderings and perspectives.

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